Infigo ASP.NET Control Feature Demonstration

The Infigo ASP.NET control can be used for VDP (variable data printing) or web2print applications.

Interactive Demo

The following sections demonstrates the individual features in more detail. All those settings can be modified either static in the ASPX-files or programmatically as demonstrated in an interactive demo.

Document Input

The Infigo ASP.NET control works with special PDF documents, where the variable part has been created with the Infigo Acrobat plug-in.

In order to use those PDF files, simply set the path to either a folder or a file in the control properties:

Operation Modes

As stated above, the Infigo ASP.NET control can be used in different modes.

If there is just one file given, the list is hidden, but the options are still available:

If there is only one PDF file given, and only one mode enabled, the control will go straight into that mode:

InPlace Editor

The web2print mode can work in two modes.

The advatange of the InPlace mode is the clear connection between a variable item and its location on the document. Furthermore, there is more space left for the document preview due to the missing form. The example above demonstrates the idea. For gallery images, drag'n'drop is supported (drag'n'drop can be disabled explecitely).

Both modes are fully compatible with all templates - however some document types do fit one better than the other. Please see all items in InPlace mode here.

The animation can be removed and the variable data marker are configurable via a style sheet.

This Demo shows an Advanced Calendar Template in the InPlace Editor mode.

Appearance Settings

There are a couple of settings to specify the appearance and behaviour of the control

Further custimazation is possible via full WPF style skinning

And finally, all text elements, although variable already through the language settings can be modified dynamically in order to satisfy special situations (e.g. shopping carts)

Output options

In both modes, VDP and web2print, the final output is a PDF. Additionally to the preview shown in the control, a watermark preview can be enabled, which allows the user to download a watermarked version of the output (resolution and watermark text can be set).

There are a couple of options to use in order to get the output, some of them can be used simultaneously. You can also specify a message to show after finish or capture events (see below).

You can also specify what the control should do after finishing the job:

Finally, the file name of the output file can be dynamically created. Various format tags are available to identify the user, the template, date and time etc.

web2print mode

The web2print mode shows a web form where the user can specify the variable parts. There are a couple of options available to control the way this mode operates. Some of them are:

VDP mode

The VDP mode requires an upload of the record set first. After uploading, the user can match the data from the data source with the variable elements of the document. Also, it is possible to use a static text instead for a variable part. Some control options:


It is possible to hook into Javascript events which are invoked when e.g. a document is selected in the overview or selected for processing. Various information is passed along.

Here is an example which demonstrates the use of the Javascript events.

Javascript Events

On the server side, events are thrown if the user has actually processed a file, along with the path to the generated files.

Status Control

The Infigo ASP.NET control does work internally with a couple of caches. The status control allows to have an overview over the cached items as well as the settings made.

Infigo Status Control