Acrobat Plug-ins

Engage PDF Personalisation and Print Products

Tryout versions are available of many of these products. All the tryouts are fully working versions of the products which either expire after a set number of days or print a 'Tryout' stamp on each page of any documents they are used on.

Acrobat plug-ins (Compatible with Acrobat 6, 7, 8, 9, X, XI, and DC) for Windows

TOCBuilder Box

Mapsoft TOCBuilder

The TOCBuilder tool allows you to create a Table of Contents which becomes part of the PDF file by adding the required number of pages. Each entry within the Table of Contents can shows the appropriate page for that entry and each entry has a link. The plug-in uses the bookmark hierarchy to construct the TOC. TOCBuilder Can be used in conjunction with Bookmarker to generate the bookmarks or with bookmarks that are already present.

Bookmarker Box

Mapsoft BookMarker

Bookmarker creates PDF bookmarks from text defined by the text attributes in your PDF documents.

You can use the Text Select tool from the Acrobat toolbar to highlight a sample of text. Bookmarker then uses the attributes of the selected text to define a particular bookmark level. Bookmarks can be nested to any number of levels.

Impress Pro Box

Mapsoft Impress Pro

Impress Pro is an Acrobat plug-in that enables one or more text impressions (text stamps) to be added to a range of pages in single or multiple PDF files. Impress Pro contains all of the features of Mapsoft Impress (see below), with the addition of being able to run over batches of PDF files and the ability to set multiple impressions at the same time. In addition, security, open defaults and document information can all be set.

Impress Box

Mapsoft Impress

Impress enables text impressions to be stamped to a range of pages in a PDF file. This can be set either as a watermark which is on a layer below all of the existing text and images or above where it can be used for headers and footers, page numbering etc. Variables can be set to define page numbering, total number of pages and date and time.

Maskit Box

Mapsoft MaskIt

MaskIt allows you to erase areas of content from a PDF document. Use the MaskIt tool from the toolbar to draw a marquee, then select whether you want to remove content inside or outside that defined area, and the content is removed.

Dogears Box

Mapsoft DogEars

DogEars is a publishing tool for use with Adobe Acrobat for marking pages within a document so that you can quickly flip back to them when you require. DogEars is named after the turned over corners of a page that are used to bookmark a page in a book.

Flattener Box

Mapsoft Flattener

Flattener allows you to flatten interactive parts, like navigation buttons and forms, plus mark-up into PDF documents. Not only can this dramatically reduce the size of PDF files, it also means you can always view and print mark-up, regardless of the platform you are using. Enhancements added for V1.6 ensure the original content of the PDF files need never be hidden by the flattened mark-up.


MediaSizer Box

Mapsoft MediaSizer

MediaSizer converts the media size (paper size) of your document without altering its content, so that, for example, changing between US Letter and European A4 media becomes a simple task. Custom and standard media sizes can be specified

ContentScaler Box

Mapsoft ContentScaler

Using ContentScaler, you can scale the entire contents of selected pages of a PDF document by a specified percentage. Amongst other applications, this tool can be used in conjunction with MediaSizer when the margins are too narrow after converting from US Letter to A4.

Documerger Box

Mapsoft DocuMerger

DocuMerger merges template PDF files with the existing document content, specifying which page you want to merge. This tool allows you, for example, to apply company letterheads to PDF content where pre-printed stationary is normally used and you want to archive the PDF file.

ImagePlacer Box

Mapsoft ImagePlacer

ImagePlacer is a very powerful publishing tool which allows you to stamp a graphical image onto specified pages within a PDF document. The image can be placed at a specific position, scaled and transparency can be set.

InfoSetter box

Mapsoft InfoSetter

InfoSetter sets document information in your PDF document(s). This tool allows you to set or change the standard PDF's document information fields as follows: Title, Subject, Author, Keyword, Index and Base URL. These fields can be extracted from an existing PDF file and saved into a configuration.

OpenOptions Box

Mapsoft OpenOptions

OpenOptions manages Acrobat's open options, including Initial View, Window and User Interface options. OpenOptions allows you to set document opening options across multiple documents when used in conjunction with Mapsoft's unique automation tool - Automator.

These options can be extracted from an existing PDF file and saved into a configuration.

Thumbnails Box

Mapsoft Thumbnails

Thumbnails creates images of PDF pages in a number of different image formats and can embed them within a document for display in the Acrobat Pages tab or in a specific folder. With the file output option the user can select the resolution of the images required and the output folder.

Engage VDP Box

Engage Variable Data Printing

Engage Variable Data Printing is a Variable Data composition and ouput tool that enables the user to connect a PDF template to a data source and output a single or multiple PDF files.

Engage has two main components:

  • Engage Designer plug-in for Adobe Acrobat that allows you to create dynamic templates for variable data and web to print. Engage Designer is made available as a free plug-in for the Mac and Windows.
  • Engage Variable Data Printing – can be used to output variable data items from the desktop.

Infigo SDK Box

Engage Connect

Connect is designed to integrate the Mapsoft PDF engine into existing workflows where the full functionality of the Engage Web2print product is not required. It can also be used to produce the functionality of Engage Variable Data Printing into a web environment.

Engage Connect has two components:

  • .NET interface
  • ASP.NET/SilverLight Control

Connect is used to integrate the Engage functionality into websites or .NET applications. This could be to create a web2print or variable data printing functionaility or an application requiring personalised PDF output. Highly complex workflows can be achieved using the base product or alternatively a ready made user experience can achieved using the ASP.NET/SilverLight Control.